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With our robust digital identity verification software and comprehensive service offerings, you can confidently authenticate the identities of your customers, mitigate fraud risks, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Quick and Easy Identity Verification

Identity verification solution providers utilize cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), to enable fast and accurate verification of customer identities. By leveraging automated identity verification software, the IDV process is streamlined, resulting in minimal processing time, with verifications completed within seconds.


Online identity verification is a secure way to confirm a person's identity

In light of the inherent risks associated with loan applications and financial transactions, the significance of an online identity verification platform cannot be overstated. As a reputable provider of KYC API services, we are committed to delivering a range of automated identity verification solutions that serve as vital security measures. Our comprehensive platform is specifically designed to proactively monitor risks and effectively combat fraudulent activities. By utilizing our advanced automated identity verification technology, you not only expedite the onboarding process but also ensure compliance with KYC and AML regulations.

  • As a trusted provider of KYC API services, we empower you to authenticate customer identities and effectively deter fraudulent activities.
  • Our objective is to streamline the KYC/AML compliance process, ensuring a seamless and convenient onboarding experience.
  • With our frictionless onboarding solution, you can effortlessly verify customer identities and receive reliable verification results within seconds.
  • Rest assured, our robust measures instil confidence and peace of mind in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

ID Document Verification Solutions are used to confirm the authenticity of identity documents

In the era of digital transformation, cybersecurity teams consistently face the challenge of staying one step ahead of fraudsters. The rise in incidents involving forged identity documents, identity theft, and expired IDs poses a significant risk to businesses. A robust identity authentication system is crucial to effectively combat the growing threat of fraudulent activities. As a trusted identity verification provider, our services offer highly reliable solutions for online ID document authentication. We support a wide range of ID document types, covering over 2,100 variations from countries worldwide. The document verification process encompasses the following steps:

  • Customers are required to scan their ID documents, which can include driver's licenses, passports, or social security cards.
  • Our advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology ensures accurate data extraction from these documents.
  • The ID document undergoes a comprehensive analysis and verification process, leveraging the power of AI and machine learning.
  • We can precisely assess the authenticity and legitimacy of the customer's ID document.

Biometric Face Recognition/Face Verification: An identity verification technology employed to authenticate individuals

Our cutting-edge biometric face recognition solution offers a reliable method to verify customer identities, particularly in cases where physical presence is not feasible. After completing the document verification process, prospective customers are prompted to capture and upload a selfie. Our team of verification experts then compares the uploaded selfie with the provided ID document, and the outcomes are communicated accordingly. Driven by AI, our face recognition technology provides real-time ID verification, utilizing advanced techniques like liveness detection to ensure the individual's live presence during face-matching. Integrating this face verification solution into your system enables seamless risk mitigation and enhanced security measures. By harnessing the power of biometrics and artificial intelligence, our solution delivers efficient and trustworthy customer identity verification, even in customer-not-present scenarios.

Key Benefits:

  • Swift identity verification: Customers can be verified within a remarkable 3-5 seconds, enhancing the overall customer experience and reducing wait times.
  • Improved user experience: Our verification process is tailored to offer an improved customer experience with a seamless and user-friendly design.
  • High match rates: The verification process employs advanced technology to match customer information with government databases, resulting in exceptional match rates.
  • Definitive results: With a verification accuracy of 99%, our process provides conclusive outcomes, effectively reducing fraud and safeguarding businesses against financial losses.
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